FT/ FS Clyw BVM, FG avalanche Old run

Need cash so shoot me a offer on these. Top trades I am looking for is a CLYW Mint LB Bassalope and BA general yo KLR,M10 or Essence and any other special edition General yos.
Other wants are
Deadly spins Wrath, colorful ones preferred. If color and condition is right I may trade both of these for this throw to.
Other wants are
Clyw (FG’s are welcome if smooth.)
Marmot (old runs only)engraved is a big want.
Please Offer only from my wants list.

What I have
Clyw Frankslide BVM Mint no box, Rare and Super smooth Offer Nicely.95$ OBO shipped USA

Clyw FG Avalance,Older run, Two teeny tiny dings and i mean teeny. You have to search for good to see and it is pretty smooth.75$ shipped USA OBO

Again, I would trade both of these for certain BA general yos. So if you got them MIB please offer them.
Thanks for looking.

I am also interested in your punch line how about a y factor and something else

Trade offers please!