FS/ Clyw,Turning point,Others

Need to sell these to catch up on a few things quickly.
Please offer well as these are completely mint and smooth.
I will only ship within the USA

  1. CLYW MIB old run 28 stories avalanche, This thing is dead smooth and near brand new with original box. 120$ shipped OBO

2.Clyw MIB Sasquatch Black copper splashed and very Fine player.120$ shipped OBO

3 General yo klr, I Stripped this raw to have it redone.I does have a tiny vibe in it but still plays well.
50$ shipped

4.Turning point houska,Mint, nice throw

This last one I am not sure I will be selling but if the offer is high enough I might bite so offer big.
General yo M10 Aman,Mint no box.

Paypal only

Thanks for looking