CLYW.. Been looking for a while, no luck..

So yeah…

I have been trying to trade for a CLYW for almost a month+ now. 10+ messages at a time…

I have tried offering this pack for a FOOLS GOLD!

Prototype 1/20 code 2
Dollar tree swag yoyo
String and cards.

No luck… Anyone out their searching with no luck?

I love all companys for the most part. Im not some freak who wants a clyw cause their THE BEST O MY GOSH THE BEST! They are good but I should at least have one or two in my small collection…

Why not just buy one?

I was thinking the same thing.

I had an Hulk Smash(mint in box) AC for sale all last week. No bites.

Decided to just keep it. Now I have my Yogi and a Hulk Smash AC.

I don’t have $155+ :stuck_out_tongue:

When I am old enough for a guy to hire me then I might consider…

I feel you, yeah they are not the cheapest yoyos haha. You should have gotten a yeti, they are amazing and about $62 all together with shipping. I have no idea if they sold out or not, but if there is another run you should get one.

I would trade you one if my parents let me use the BST… Sorry.

I would never pay 155$ for a yoyo… Clyw or not. I remember when clyw started. They’ve always been pricey. Chris makes works of art dont get me wrong, but i just cant keep up with him anymore mannnn, new throws every month have me lookin at my wallet like “if only you had money in you” lol. When it comes down to it, its just another yoyo.

You should get a G2 honestly

Muahahahahahaaaaa! Lolol.

I still enjoy CLYW very much. However, I do feel the should drop their prices down to around $120. I’m not saying their yoyos aren’t worth the current prices, it’s just when I look at the price/performance ratio(granted, I’m not the best judge of that), if they were to lower their prices, their ratio seems more in line with the general average price/performance ratio.

But, if we want to talk G2… my goodness this is the next OD/CLYW brand as far as quality, variety and just plain being amazing. Yeah, it’s a brand to strongly consider.

yeah domt get me wrong they are great yoyos. Just too mich $ and too much hype.

But yes i have gotten really interested in g2 since i got my triton. Pickin up an AL7 quake and a regular quake sometime this month.

@ bcmaddog get a triton u wont regret it.

Well, the Peak was priced at 70$
But then on the BST it was sold at about 200$

the marmots were like 100-130$ if i remember correctly, idk its been like 6 years.

Like i said before, I would never over pay for a yoyo… Or anything. Retail price is fair. Those kids on the B.S.T really shouldn’t sell things way over their price range, considering their parents probably bought it.

Could have sworn it was $90 when it was released

Also I could care less for all 3 of those yoyos. I sold a mint prototype grey code 2 for $50 not too long ago and a dibase for $35 which was also mint. If both have damage I’d have even gone lower. For some people they only want to add things they want to their collection so even if it’s a fair offer it needs to be a more than fair offer for them to consider it. I’d try offering all that for a FG avalanche and someone might bite. I’d never trade a chief for that lot since it’s a much more desirable throw and easier to get rid of. Even the AC and bvm2 would need significant damage for me to let them go for that lot.

Also keep in mind some people have limits they’ve set for themselves on how many yoyos they want to own at one specific time so sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you offer because they’re just looking to do a 1 for 1 trade.

BTW why do you need a clyw in your collection and what makes a person a freak for collecting a specific brand that they enjoy?

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4 words. Dont fall for hype.

It took me about a year buying yo-yos to try a CLYW. I’m glad I tried them, because they are nice yo-yos. But, for those of you who don’t have that kind of money to spend on CLYW, (but cannot get hold of a Yeti or a Fool’s gold), I agree, it might be best to stick to brands that offer you brand new yo-yos, for less money.

I think the trouble BC is running into on the BST does not have as much to do with the CLYW thing. If he had some cash, I think he’d find a good deal on one. If those throws he has for trade are beat, or have damage, it will be harder to trade them for anything, let alone CLYW.

Christmas is around the corner, but I know some parents do not think $130 for a new yo-yo is reasonable. :-\

Thanks guys…

And first off, the guy who said get a yeti ONLY $63? I got a new rally with metal rings, for $35 with a sale…

I am not falling in to the hype, I hate the hype.

But I have been talking with Chris lately and he is a really nice guy, and he is going through tough times making CLYW happen. So id like to own one, not because of that.

I mean, id like to own a lot of yoyos in my collection.

I want a Gen-Yo, id love a G2 as well, id also like a high end C3 or a sOMEThING, or a turning point.

But I havent tried those^ (besides a C3 Darksonic)…

I have tried a few CLYW and know I like them.

Also, I have offered my “package” for a AL7 Albatross. The only G2 I have seen…

Im not falling in the hype, I always liked most their yoyos, but I NEVER favored the prices.

Thats why I want a trade.

And honestly, I just want to get rid of my code 2 and try something new, NEW, even if it isn’t a CLYW. Or even another OD.

Hahahaha don’t put quotes around package xD

Yeah, I wouldn’t trade for that package either…

I offered a CLYW for a fair price but I got a slap in the face as a return message and an offer for his “rare” Code 2.

I just street perform if i want a yoyo, instead of whining about how i cant get a job. (Bcmaddog, im not just talking about you)

If you want to make money, you can ALWAYS find a way

I can make cash, But im not allowed to purchase them.

You have a pm.