CLYW.. Been looking for a while, no luck..

I gave this some more thought. I think Sparhawk hit the nail on the head. While the package deal, seems it might be worth a Fool’s Gold CLYW, the issue is the specific three throws in the package. A Code 2, while a rare prototype, if it has damage, it lost it’s value to most collectors right off the bat, and becomes the average Code 2 with damage. A Code 2 is a great throw, but the problem is, it’s a yo-yo most people already have, or they used to have it. So, it won’t offer much new for most. An original Dibase is not super old, but it’s been out for awhile, and lost it’s luster as a highly sought after item. If it has damage, it is also not as desirable. The Theory just does not seem to be on many want lists these days. So, if someone has a Fools Gold CLYW, they might be looking for one really nice throw to trade for it…not three that have damage and/or not highly sought after. :-\

For me, I had building a new knowledge of what was in the market. Initially I was trying to keep cost down as I was attempting to research lower priced yoyo’s so I could make sound recommendations to lower income kids. But then… I got hooked. I just had to know what the top brands were doing to an extent. Plus I developed a pavlovian response to shiny metal with female curves. At some point I just knew I had to have some upper echelon CLYW product as it seemed to be the throw everyone was talking about (The Chief mainly).

I think I’ve slowed my death throw purchasing habits down (easily I’m doing mentally better than jiggyfly’s addiction). I’ve got a few nice throws for the kids to see what these things are like, and a good swath of cheap throws to get their hands on. I doubt I’ll need to throw down $210 or more, but I’ve got a plan for that: Nationals attendance. I hear some great things about the Leviathan, and the Anglam… drool…

Through the week I get good sustenance with each cheap throw I’ve got. I save the weekends for deep diving into the gems… Arctic Circle, Format:C, Stealth Ogre, Ricochet, Ranchero… and up at the tippy top: Blue Love Prestige. Ahhhhh…

How much can you spend at a time for yoyos?

I personally am a rigorous trader, I also know a few manufactures that hooked me up with sweet throws for dead cheap. Witch I then traded along with cash/other yoyos for more high end stuff. eventually I have what I have today, a positron and a chief are my crown jewels. Gut it did take me 2+ years to get them.

Sell em cheap
Code 2-40
Dibase- 25
That’ll get ya a clyw. You could go a little cheaper and still buy a clyw off the bst.

I would trade for that package if I had a CLYW to spare, only got 2 on me, the one in my pro pic, and a broken Bassalope that I’m still fixing up lol

Did you offer to trade for this Puffin? OP is asking only $55  :-\,60116.msg630425.html#msg630425

Straight up bargain right there. The guy has a pretty h00ge wants list as well…

Very true, a prototype is only as good as the condition it is in unless it is super rare. One thing I would like to add on top of what TotalArtist said, the CODE2 Proto being offered here isn’t even the rare one collectors really want. There were 7 pink CODE2 prototypes that were released before any others. They were all laser engraved with a serial number. A die hard One Drop collector would be holding out for one of those.

Here is a picture of what I am talking about:

Also, where you might say “prototype”, some people may hear “unfinished product”. Not everyone puts such a high value on rarity.

Indeed. I’m generally not a proto/prepro person. The rare times that something like that interest me would be something like the above Code 2, the red with clear splash prepro Punchline, the prepro 07 888 with the YYF decal, etc.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen BC not directly reply. R YU OKEY BC?

I will let everyone in on a secret about the “rare” CODE2 prototypes. They are IDENTICAL to the ones that One Drop released in retail shops. The protos played so well that no adjustments were needed. The photo of the pink proto is from my review and the is also the one in my personal collection. It was a gift from J-Rod, who designed, it as a thank you for helping him with the 3D renders during the CODE2 contest. I have played some of the retail CODE2s with splash ano and such, no change in play. Just about the only CODE2 that will play different out of the box will be the Argonaut version released recently at YYE and that is just because it ships with custom disc Side Effects.