Hey, there…i just want to see how many people like CLYW. :slight_smile: thanks. :slight_smile:


I would say they are definitely my favorite company ;D ;D


Indeed, they are a fantastic company. :slight_smile:


Wow Clyw Is popular. :slight_smile:


They have some fine yoyos.


indeed, they do. sir.


I’ve never thrown one, but they are Canadian so that probably means that they are perfectly machined and awesome


Haha true dat!


I need money to buy one.


Everything about CLYW is AMAZING! I love all three of my throws, I don’t know what I’d do without them. ;D


All I have is the bassy, but put it this way, I’ll trade all my yoyos, 'cept the M1, cuz it’s special, for a CLYW of equal stature.


well I never try any but I think they are good

(Halbach) #13

My Sasquatch stomps my other yoyos, and it stomps the Severe, IMO.