Hey guys, back AGAIN with some more yoyo’s… now this time around im not realllly looking for anything specific… but i will however post a “wants list” just to give you guys some guidelines as to what im kind of looking for… again, the yoyo’s will be FOR SALE as well as available FOR TRADE, but Cash offers will get the front of the line… i DO have a paypal account and will only do money transactions that way… now ON WITH THE YOYO’S!

CLYW Engraved Gnarwhal:
-Original Packaging

CLYW Hulk Smash Wooly Marmot:
-Original Box

[u]CLYW Maple Drip Peak:/u] GONE
-New Bearing
-No Packaging


YYF 888X:
-All Black
-Two Scuffs
-Original Packaging
-No Vibe/Wobble

YYF “Sorry Mark” Superstar:
-Original Box
-Bought it on Expert, never played with it…(been playing with my Jensen SS)

And thats it! Sorry for the crappy pics, had to use my Blackberry lol… Digi Cam is broked… anyway, here’s basically what im looking for:

-CLYW Bassalopes (Special Editions, Maple Drip, Etc.)
-CLYW Marmots (Polar Berry, Iron Man, Etc.)
-CLYW Campfires (1st Runs)
-ILYY Lio’s, Mary’s, etc…
-SPYY Pro’s, Punchlines, Pure’s…

Offer Away!! you all know my rules so we’ll work stuff out lol… All prices sre marked with shipping included…

i will give u 55 for your 888x

Can I see some updated pics of the 888x?

peak for marmot?

Pics dont work…Im intrested in your gnarwhal. Void for it?

Wow look how old all this is He most likely doesnt have any of it. And if you want to know if he does send him a pm. Dont bring back these old posts!!!

Can I have a look at the gnarwhal? PM me, I’m interested.

I’ll pay you for your Wooly Marmot. The pictures don’t work, so can you pm me with some pics.