FS: CLYW, OD, ILLY and more!!!

I am selling these because i need money at the moment.
All yoyos are for sale only i do not want trades.
All yoyos are have no price so make me offers!!!
I cannot put all pics of all yoyos on this post becuz my phone will not let me, but me and i can get you pictures :slight_smile:

  1. CLYW wooly marmot purple/black acid wash 1st run mint

  2. CLYW sasquatch alex berenguel editon 3 small scratches 2 dings

  3. CLYW avalanche clareview station fools gold, 2 ano mess ups

  4. One drop dietz green 2 minor scratches 1 ding

  5. One drop M1 teal beat to hell plays good

  6. Big brother bully blue an black splatter and a silver half #065

  7. YYF hectic black mint

  8. YYf protostar green beat up plays good

  9. Cyyc bulldog b-grade teal bronze acid wash

  10. ILLY void mint with box 1 ano mess up plays smooooth

  11. Custom fhz recessed on one side 2-tone purple and white beat

  12. DV888 b grade red and blue splatter beat

How much for the CLYW’s?