FS: CLYW, YYF, OneDrop, Yoyorecreation

Hello guys, it’s Piotrek from team yoyorecreation. I’m working on new yoyo filming project which require some additional gear, so I’ve decided to put up some things on sale. I really need to get them sold quick. Help me guys! All yoyos except CzechMate and Cyborg are mint in box, opened only once for photo. Shipping to US should be around 10-15$. If you are willing to take few of them, you can expect extras for free (another yoyo, kendama, tshirt or one of my sketches).

In case of interest, find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smietanejro
rather than write here, you will get answer faster. :wink:

  • CLYW Wooly Marmot 2 - 100$, no matter what edition. MIB
  • CLYW Sasquatch 2 (new) - 100$, no matter what edition. MIB
  • CzechMate (made in US) - 50$ , couple of scratches
  • Yoyorecreation Diffusion Yellow/White (got few of them left) - 25$
  • CLYW Summit Silver - 100$ MIB
  • OneDrop Gradient - 60$ MIB
  • OneDrop 54 - 60$ MIB
  • Backspin Tshirt (L, M) - 15$ (With 2 yoyos you get tshirt for free)
  • YYF Cyborg - 80$ - scratches from 3A, previous owner - Patrick Borgerding lol. <3

Update: CLYW Sasquatch Ash Berry is SOLD.


Sasquatch Ash Berry is gone.
Summit is most likely gone.

Wooly Marmot 2 Sunrise Kingdom is gone.

There are still sasquatches, diffusions and few other yoyos left! Go Go!

Up. Only one Wooly Marmot 2 left - Black w. Pink Speckle.

Bulk price for 4 Sasquatches is 350$ + shipping.

Bulk price for 4 Sasquatches + Cyborg + Diffusion2 + CzechMate + OD Gradient + OD 54 is 530$ + shipping.