OneDrop & CLYW For SALE! Selling Some of my Collection!

Hey guys, been out of the yoyo scene for a while now and have moved onto other hobbies. I’m looking to sell all of my CLYW and OneDrop collection. Pics are provided. If you are interested in any throw and would like more pictures please feel free to send me a PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t put prices on my yoyos, I like to let the buyer shoot me an offer and we can negotiate from there.

Mint OD Anniversary Project SOLD
RARE Near Mint Sodablasted M1 - To my knowledge not many of these were made. Has one or two minor scuffs SOLD
RARE Near Mint Nickel Y-Factor - Not many of these were made either. Has one minor scuff SOLD
Mint Half Blue Half Pink 54
Nautilus Code 2 - Has some scuffs
RARE Mint World’s Code 1
Mint Rally
Mint Burnside
Mint Cascade

Mint Bear vs. Man
Mint Hulk Smash Glacier Express SOLD
Mint Team Edition Sasquatch
Mint Northern Lights Chief - Needs bearing SOLD
Hulk Smash Gnarwhal - Has some scuffs
Mint Northern Lights Arctic Circle SOLD
Mint Avalanche


Hi, how much are you looking for, for the mint Sasquatch ? Thanks And I can do paypal

Hi, I am interested in a few of your clyw and was wondering if you had an email so it would be easier to talk back and fourth? I am looking to give paypal offers on the sasquatch and avalanche . Thanks