FS: CLYW, OneDrop, General Yo BA Edition

Currently these are for sale only.

  • All Yoyos are in Mint condition with the box
  • Listed Prices are as low as i will go and are non-negotiable, if price is not listed please make an offer
  • will ship US priority mail within the US with Tracking

Thanks for lookin!

Bottom row left to right
CLYW Chief - Yozakura $110 SOLD
CLYW Orca - Orange $110 SOLD
CLYW Bonfire - Lava $110 SOLD
CLYW Advanced Scout - Orange $110 SOLD
CLYW Wooly Marmot 2 - Incredible Kimmitt $110 SOLD

Middle Row left to right
OneDrop Markmont Classic Nickel
General Yo Aplitude BadA$$ edition - Purple PENDING
OneDrop Cascade - Silver Plated
OneDrop Downbeat - half and half Green/Purple with flat cap side effects green/purple
OneDrop Gradient - Green with blue/spikes

Top Row left to right
Xcube Stampede - Purple
CLYW/Onedrop Summit - Orange
H5 Chief - Silver/Hotpink PENDING
ILYY 2WEI - Silver candyblasted $125 PENDING