CLYW, OneDrop, YYF, and General-Yo For Sale!!!

5 Throws For Sale, Priced Buy Give Me Your Best Offer Also! PM Me For Picture Links And Negotiations. (Only Shipping In The U.S.) Cheers!


Borealis: Hulk Smash Imperfect, One Tiny Pinprick, Tiny Vibe, $85

Avalanche: Copper Pot, Very Mild Scuffs/Scratches, Slight Vibe, $90


Y-Factor: Black w/ Brown Acid Wash, One Scratch And Multiple Pinpricks, Some Vibe But Could Easily Be Tuned, $70

Gradient: Sand, Sorta Beaten, SMOOTH, $60


Stacked Genesis: Black, One Flatspot, Barely Detectable Vibe, $70

Too H.O.T: Blue w/ Black Speckle, Mint But Came With Anoflaw and Pinpricks Under Ano, Some Vibe, $55?


Essence: Blue RARE Laser Engraving, Barely Noticeable Scuffs, Slight Vibe, $80

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