Selling collection. OD, CLYW, GenYo (prices added)

Sadly I no longer yoyo, so I am selling my valuable throws and only looking for money. Thanks for looking and send me your offers!!  :slight_smile:

All Photos will be in this link:

General Yo Mini Star: GeneralYo-Onedrop collaboration unengraved. Only 5 were made with no engraving. Dead smooth, mint. $90

CLYW OG Avalanche: Poptart edition. Very smooth on the string, slight vibe on grinds. 2 very small dents on one of the halves that are only noticeable when inspecting closely. $100

OneDrop Markmont Classic: limited edition. Includes all original components (never opened). Side effects never changed. Dead smooth, mint. $115

CLYW Chief: Adam Brewster. Mint in box, dead smooth. $125

CLYW John Bot Sasquatch: Close to mint condition. Absolutely dead smooth. 2 tiny scratches and 2 tiny pinpricks, not noticeable unless looking very closely. Box is in great condition as well. Only 2 small fold marks. $150