FS---- GenYo & CLYW


I have a bunch of General Yo Pre-Productions and a mix bag of other throws for sale. All of the new General Yo’s came straight from Ernie, and I am the original owner. I have really bad tennis elbow, so my throwing days are over.

All prices include shipping, and I will only accept PayPal.
I do my best to describe playability and any damage.

General Yo:
Limey Stew Majesty Pre-Pro, Mint, Smooth, W/Box $85

Red original Majesty Pre-Pro, Mint, Smooth, W/Box $85

Light Blue/ Blue Prestige Pre-Pro, Mint, Smooth,W/Box $85

Blue Anodized Lost Essence Pre-Pro ,The anodizing shows the machining so it is not a perfectly smooth finish, little vibe $45

Green Anodized 1st Run KLR, Pre-Pro. This is the actual throw used for the highspeedyoyo.com review. Near mint, smooth $60

Gold and Blue B grade Enthos, wear marks on the bead blast, and some pin pricks, but plays smooth $40

Pink and Gold B+ Grade Torrent II, 2 very small nicks from my watch, but otherwise great shape, little vibe $50

New Gold Avalanche, Mint, Smooth, W/Box $85

Red Summit, Mint, Smooth, W/Box $85

Forest Green Puffin 2, Mint, Smooth, W/Box $85

Red and Blue Splash Fools Gold Arctic Circle, Mint, Smooth, W/Box $60

##SOLD## Green Gnarwhal, has many wear marks and a few dents, but plays smooth, W/Box $50

I can send additional pictures if needed. These are all excellent throws, you wont be disappointed.

Bump me some offers… ready to sell!!!