YoyoHand All Out Sale - Gen Yo, G2, OD, C3, and more -- 10 Throws + Case = $300

Hi All.


[s]Selling my throws. No Trades–sorry. Here is the list, then the pictures. They are all in near mint condition unless mentioned.

Add $4 for shipping (I always include tracking). US only. Paypal only. I have a excellent track record.

Also willing to sell all as a package with hard case as well. Includes the throws mentioned below.
-$300 shipped
(The case is $35 bucks alone and if you buy it you usually have to pay for shipping)

Btw, if you are concerned if I was a new user or not, I am not a new user. I had 25+ BST’s on my other account. I just wanted a different username.

OD Format C - Green                                            —> ($65)

General Yo Majesty - BA Edition                              —> ($100)

Sturm Panzer - Leo Sniper (Pre-realease edition - A few scratches, can’t feel them)    —> ($100)

God Tricks - Revolution                                          —> ($45)

G Squared - Quake                                                —> ($70)
G Squared - Triton                                                —> ($70)

YYF Shaqlerstar- Blue                                            —> ($20)

C3 Krown                                                              —> ($120)

Magic Yoyo - N8                                                    —> ($10)

YYJ Surge - Orange/Blue                                        —> ($10)

Here is a Link to the Throws