Buy my stuff, an easy new year's resolution!

Hi I have a bunch of throws that I simply don’t use, and I want to sell them to the good people of the forum. Here’s a pic of the lot, and I will list ballpark prices below, if you want more info or pics, shoot me a pm, prices include shipping to conus.


Alrighty, I have added a few throws,
1st row: YYF Bimetal superstar, few small scratches, $30. Raw turning point shake, few pinpricks, $40. YYO yacare is sold!! Few marks C3 teleport, $30.
2nd row: Confusion is sold!!! Moonshine is sold!!!
3rd row: YYO orbis, quite a few dings, $20. YYO pause, a few marks $20. YYF dogma, quite a few marks, $20. YYF og popstar, one big nick, $15. Recess first base, few dents, $15.
4th row: CLYW yeti 2.0, near mint, $15. Magic yoyo Skyva, few marks, $15. YYF Protostar, near mint $15. C3 speedaholics, both barely used, $13 each or both for $20.
5th row: TMBR is sold! OUT just for fun is sold! YYF legend, doc pop edition, I have too many legends, $10 mint. YYJ go big, few marks, $15.
The ones in the top right will be throw ins, if you want them specifically let me know.
Thanks sorry this ones long!

In light of the new EH’s dropping, I am selling some of my favourite throws to justify my purchase,


First, my AL7 quake, 40/50 in the chainmail colour, I believe, I don’t have the box, but I have the certificate, it has some dings around it, $90. No Jive is sold!! A peak 2 with some dings, don’t remember the colourway, $60. And my YYF role model, very beat up, $25.



Nice yoyos you got there. Be a shame if anything… happened… to them. :wink:


Uh-oh, the gauntlet has been unknowingly thrown :neutral_face:

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Bumping this, added a few new ones!

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Daily bump, OUT and TMBR are sold!

Bump, added some throws so I can buy the new EH in good conscience.

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Wait did the DV888 actually sell from here?


Sorta, I sent it to @Theolodger for the price of shipping.


Yep …

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Bonk my post, dropped prices on peak 2, no jive, and teleport.

Post Christmas bump!


Got my eyes locked on the YYF Dogma you got there and was wondering how’s the vibe on it?


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