FS: YYR, Irony JP, OD, etc -- Super Cheap Prices!!

Hey there, still trying to thin out my collection.  I simply don’t have enough time to give these fine yoyo’s the love they deserve!  These throws look mint to me unless specified otherwise.  However, to cover any super-tiny scratches I might’ve missed, I’ll say near-mint.  :slight_smile:

Looking For:

  1. $$$$

For Trade (all prices are OBO):
1) YYR Triplet – Raw – $100 Sold
2) YYR Six – Gold – $45  Sold
3) Irony JP (Not the 2013 Edition!) – Silver – $55  On Hold till Sunday
4) Burnside – YYE Edition – $55
5)Code 2 – Burning Ember – $55 Sold
6) Supernova (7075) – Blue/Gold – $45 Sold
7) Supernova (6061, some dings, this is a beater) – Grey/Gold – $35


I have the boxes for my YYRs (except the Six). I keep a copy of all my receipts if you want to see em. Prices include shipping and Paypal fees.

Already Sold
CLYW Chief – Space Blizzard – $100 SOLD
YYF Genesis – Blue/Black Acid Wash – $45 SOLD
Monkeyfinger Evil-Yo – Blue/Yellow splash – $40 (has some vibe, couple nics) SOLD
YYJ Dark Magic 2 – Blue/no caps – $20 SOLD
YYF DV888 – Blue/Red – $10 (some scuffs, nothing major) SOLD

Bump, still looking for a few good throws.

Bump, new throws FS! Woot, yeah boy, uh huh, yeah, wat!!!112211 Haha…

i will buy the supernova for $50 if not the genesis for 40 message me back if you are willing to sell

I’ll take the Genesis and the Dv888 for 50 bucks. Message me if interested.

New stuff for sale! :wink: