Cool Throw FOR SALE ---> YYR, CLYW, SPYY, 3oh3, ILYY, YYF

What’s up everyone? I have a few throws I’m looking to unload. No particular reason just time to sell them off to another good home. LOOKING TO SELL unless otherwise specified.
Paypal ONLY!!! Price includes shipping.

YYR Dreadnought
Mint $150 no box or trade for a PEAK (NO HULK SMASH)

SPYY Ronin

Mint in box $95

SPYY Freak Star

GONE Star grade (not sure why) cosmetically mint. Not sure what to ask. Offer cash or interesting trade!

Yoyofactory Supernova Mateusz Ganc

Small nick on edge can be felt and no ano damage. $90 with box

3YO3 Rainbow Accent

Mint with canister $85

Newton Vs. Battosai

GONE Mint no box $75

ILYY Liopleurodon

Pinprick on outer edge that DOES NOT break through the ano. $95 no bag.


GONE Mint with box $100 would trade for another CLYW except Campfire. I’m just not fond of the Colorway.

One Drop Cafe Racer

Mint with box $55 would trade for Mint Y-factor

Want cash.

Thanks for looking.

Hi would U like to trade your SN for my ilyy 2wei (silver, mint)

Almost all YYR have that little chip near the response. You can indeed list the dreadnought as mint.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Accent?willing to buy still for sale?