Ebay Auctions ending today!! 3 for 1 Trade Deal!! Check it out!

WTT: 3 New Throws for 1 of yours!!! Check it out.
I have a mint in the box YYF Northstar($35), mint in the box YYF Starlite($25) and a mint in the box YYJ Hitman Pro($45).  I will trade all 3 ($105 value) for something on my wants list.  Should be in great shape with no vibe.  Let me know what you’ve got!

Wooly Markmont
Markmont Next
Spyy Punchline Repeater, Speedfreak, Addiction V1orV2, Trainwreck v.2, Pistolero, Ronin
Crucial Heavy Cream
YYF California w/ stacks- mint or near mint
Genesis Plus
YYF Grind Machine 2
ILYY Liopleurodon or Sakura (Or any other ILYY!)
3VO (other Oxy’s too)
Essence, Torrent
Any Anti-Yo
Any Northern Spin
Dif-E-Yo- Let me know what you have.
Gnarwhal, BVM, Avalanche, Peaks
Remnant 2
Anything Titanium

I have a light pink M1.  I want to trade halves for your green M1.  Pink and green would look sick!

Looking for trades or cash offers:  I have the following:

Many of these are listed on Ebay with reasonable prices and PICS!!.  Here is the link: PRICES LOWERED!

CLYW Galactic Goose!- Some small marks, plays great, rare! Pending a trade

One Drop Dingo- Nearly mint in the box.  One very small mark that is hard to find.  Yellow- $35 Shipped Pending

One Drop Project 2- Hubstacked, ZERO vibe, amazing. $65 Shipped

YYF California- Original hubstacked.  One of my favorite full size throws.  Very comparable to my DNA. $55 shipped gone

YYF Plastic Grind Machine V1 and V2- One fully assembled throw, with extra sides from either V1 or V2.  Fully swapable. $35 shipped

Werrd TFL- Polished, great player!  Some marks/dings $40 Shipped gone

YYF 2010 G5 with hubstacks- Plays great, has 3a white marks, none through ano. $50 Shippedsold

YYF 888x- Aqua- shiny. Some small marks and a scratch. Plays great! $50 Shipped

YYF Genesis Miggy 2 Throwback Edition- Hubstacked, just like GM2.  Small vibe, black, very cool! $50 Shippedsold

Hspin Icon- Gold- some scuffs, none through ano. Awesome playing full size yo. $50 Shipped

YYF 888x- Completely Satined, looks awesome! Has some dings on rims. No stacks. Plays great. $40 Shipped sold

YYF Starlite- Mint in the box- Trade or $23 Shipped

YYJ Hitman Professional- Near mint in box! $40 Shipped

YYF Northstar- Mint in box- blue $35 Shipped

Spyy Skyy Chaser- Large bearing- limited edition $55 Shipped Sold

(2) Mint translucent green Duncan FH2-  Would be a great 3A set! $25 Shipped

Yoyo Case- Zeekio semi-hard.  Like new. Holds 12. $15 with yoyo purchase.

trade you a yoyomamma battle axe i cleaned everything so it plays like a 888 baring needs to be cleaned or broken in quite a few scuffs 40$ value but just trade for your starlite