A few throws for sale.

Hey everyone, iv got a few throws from my collection up for sale today. Im taking a trip this September and it would be nice to have a little more spending money. All of my Yoyos are for sale, no trades sorry. Im pretty firm on my price but don’t be afraid to pm me an offer. Also all of my prices are shipped.

Up first i have a pair of YYF Shackler Loop 900’s. These are brand new only thrown for about a half hour.
Im looking for 30$ for the pair.

Next i have a Two YYF Shackler Stars, one is MIB the other has a very small scuff that you have to search for to find. Im looking for 25$ for the scuffed and 30$ for the MIB.

Next is a like new YYF G-Funk. This was throw for probably an hour. Im looking to get 35$ for this.

Next is a C3 Token. I got this in a trade and really haven’t used it since i traded. Im looking to get 20$ for this.

Next I have a YoYofficer Dasher. Picked this up at cal stats haven’t really used it since. Im looking to get 35$ for this.

Next I have a Chico Heavy Hitter. I really love this yoyo but i haven’t had the time to use it anymore.
Im looking for 70$ on this.

Next is a Chico Heavy Hitter 3. This is a great throw, it has one tiny cosmetic flat spot which i cannot capture on camera. Im looking for 70$ on this.

Thanks for taking a look at my bst, and remember if you want to make an offer on a throw just pm me.

code 2 sold
silly goose sold