DK's 10+ YOYOs w/ PRICES: FS:Gen Yo, GSquared, OD, YYF, C3, GT and more

Hi All.

Selling my throws. Here is the list, then the pictures. Only throws in the list are available as others have been already sold.

If it says “offer”, I would like to keep the throw, but still willing to sell. Provide an offer for these.

Add $4 for shipping (I always include tracking). US only. Paypal only. I have a excellent track record.

[b][i]Also willing to sell all as a package (not including chief) with case as well.
-$450 shipped[b][i]

OD Format C - Green                                             —> ($75)

General Yo Majesty - BA Edition                            —> ($110)

Sturm Panzer - Leo Sniper (Pre-realease edition)    —> ($110)

God Tricks - Revolution                                        —> ($45)

G Squared - Quake                                              —> ($80)
G Squared - Triton                                                —> ($80)

CLYW - Chief                                                        —> (offer)

YYF Protostar - Clear/Gold                                    —> ($20)
YYF Shaqlerstar- Blue                                             —> ($20)

C3 Krown                                                             —> ($130)
C3 Token                                                             —> ($15)

Magic Yoyo - N8                                                     —> ($10)

YYJ Surge - Orange/Blue                                       —> ($10)

Here is a Link to the Throws

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Do you still have the hour?

commenting for later

Your post says Derlin… *Delrin is correct

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Hello - I want the recrev f(x) and the neaue.
I’m rarely on this site and I still don’t know how to send a PM. Please PM me while I figure out how to contact you directly - haha.
Got cash ready and PayPal if that’s okay.