BST! Great Throws for Super Prices! Clyw, General Yo,Others

So once again i find myself in need to sell. Below is a quick Picture of what i have left and the names and condition they are in. I need to move these fast so first come first serve. Pm me if you need closer pictures of what you are interested in. Its easier to send you pictures by email or by Text so include one of those methods in your PM.

Top To Bottom Left to Right
row 1
1.C3 Trident,Mint With Box 65$shipped
2.General Yo klr,Bad A edition Mint,No Box,Extremely Rare piece. 150$ shipped Sold!!
3.Clyw,28s avalanche,older run,mint with box.90$shipped
4.YYF Supernova,Mint no box,super throw 50$ shipped SOLD!!!

row 2
1.General yo,plus grd essence,few rim marks but nothing deep or major.Super smooth,no box 60$ shipped
2.General yo Ba Edition, Rare 1 of 2 baby blue, teeny Mark barely noticeble,Super smooth,incudes box 80$ shipped SOLD!
3.wrath,Mint,Has the tube in came in. 65$shipped
4.Clyw,Bear VS Man,Mint,No box 70$ shipped

row 3
1.C3,Dark Sonic,Awesome throw,Mint,Has Box 70$shipped
2.CLyw,FG Clareview avalance,Older run,mint,has box 70$shipped
3.Clyw,Chief Pekka, one teeny mark barely noticeable,has box 90$shipped SOLD!!
4.Clyw Sasquatch,Mint,has box.80$shipped

All throws are smooth and play very well.All throws come with 10 new kitty strings.Shipping to USA only.Paypal payments Only. Buyer pays Paypal fees. All payments must be made immediately as I can not hold on to these.

thanks for looking.

Are you accepting any trades?