I’m wanting your CLYW and Onedrop throws! I will make a deal for any return top you have! In some cases I will do a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deal. PM me with your offers. Cheers! P.s. I have no boxes for any of these throws my bad.

For top left to bottom right:

GeneralYo Essence- MINT Rare Blue (bead blasted) Smooth

YYF Stacked Genesis- MINT Black. Smooth

YYF Too H.O.T- Blue w/ Black splash. It came with a couple pinpricks and ano flaw but still smooth!

OD Gradient- Desert Sand. Couple Scratches, scuffs and pinpricks but fairly smooth

YYF CZM8- Orange w/ Black splash. Very Very beat. vibey

YYF Aviator 2- MINT Aqua. Smooth

C3 Level 6- MINT Blue/Green acid wash. Tiny vibe

YYF POPstar- First Edition Grey. 3 flat spots. Tiny vibe

YoyoZeekio Flare- MINT Yellow w/ silver rings. Delrin. Smooth

YYF Replay Pro- MINT Blue swirl w/ purple caps. Tiny tiny vibe

TWO YYF Protostars- MINT Blue/Gold swirl w/ Gold rings. Smooth. MINT Grey w/ Black rings. Vibey.

Thank you everyone any offer will be appreciated!