Quitting sale, CLYW, OD, YYF, FHZ,C3, Anti-yo YWET


NOTE: I don’t check my pm’s too often, so to get a hold of me quickly email me at rbalke27@gmail.com
So I quit yoyoing a while back, and have had some of my yoyos sitting around for a while gathering dust and I thought I’d sell them. Please no trades, unless offering e-cig related trades or an iphone 5s. Just pm me an offer, and if you lowball be reasonable because I might just take your offer.
Here’s what I have, pm me with your email if you want specific pictures of something/more detail about condition. As always, prices begin at 0$ and will go to the highest offer, even if the offer is less than what I’m looking for.
CLYW Matterhorn Avalanche-Has box, ~3 VERY light surface scuffs, doesn’t penetrate the anodizing. lookingfor about $110
C3 Di Base- NIB with all the fixins $40
Anti-Yo YWET- NIB, thrown <10 times. Veeeeery smooth. $130(Current offer- $100)
OneDrop Project 2- Has box, has a decent amount of 5a dings. Still plays well. $20SOLD
OneDrop Sunset Fade Project- NIB $40 (Current offer-$70) SOLD!
YYF Protostar- a couple dings, still plays well. $15
OneDrop Worlds Edition Dietz- NIB $120(I have no idea what the relative value is) (Current offer-$65)
The two metals on the end are chinese knockoffs,will sell for cheap. $10 a pop
FHZ’s- Sparkle Blue, Day Glo Yellow and Pearl/Opalescent white. Will include a glow in the dark counterweight with the white one, or you can purchase it separately. $15 each or $50 together
YYJ Sunset Trajectorys- Scuffed, but great for 2a. $20 for the pair
I have a huge amount of extras and string that I will be throwing in with every purchase, or you can buy it separately. If no one makes an offer on the OneDrop accessories case, I’ll put it in a random order with all the bearings and stuff in it. (Terrapin X, OneDrop 10 ball, etc).
Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/5jaDc
EDIT: Added Prices and a new link for pictures
EDIT EDIT: I can’t get pictures to work, pm me your email instead. Sorry for the late replies, I’ve been super busy studying for finals! Thanks so much for your patience!


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