really want a clyw ....plz plz

i have an 888x and a one drop 54 up for trade

888x- aqua in rough condition,dice stacks …one dice stack needs an o ring , no bearing

one drop 54-black,near mint has bearing ,lego side effects

to see the yoyos:

clyw wooly marmot or sasquatch
CATALYST OR 2012 ROCKSTAR OR ROCKSTAR!! plz plz :stuck_out_tongue:
SKYLINE OR SUPERSTAR!!PLZ PLZ :stuck_out_tongue:

IF ANYONE HAS THOSE YOYOS AND WOULDNT TRADE FOR THE 54 OR THE 888X i will do a bundle of both those yoyos for 1 so for example if someone has a skyline i would trade the 888x and 54 …just with the skyline give me another yoyo thts cheap like the one …just so i can have 2 yoyos … if intrested pm me

offer up …
will sell od 54 for $80-90

i will trade od 54 for a yuuksta MINT!!! has to be pink …and must come with either extra bearing or another cheap yoyo …will also trade for genesis MINT!! must be yye edition or silver blue splash or blue and black splash…this doesnt have to come with another yoyo ;D