Three to Four Day Sale! Will Trade ANYTHING For Wants!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to my BST. I will trade ANYTHING for one of my wants in bold. By anything I mean ANYTHING, which could mean multiples. Don’t be afraid to offer, I will probably take any offers, even lowballs. I was hoping to try something new. Mainly looking for mint or something close. Mostly trading.
Please Offer Anything On My Wants!

Extra String
Vsnyyc Skywalker
Vsnyyc Battosai
CLYW Gnarwhal
CLYW Wooly Marmot
OneDrop Project [Fades Especially!!!]
OneDrop Dietz
YYF Skyline

CLYW Avalanche
OneDrop MarkMont Next
OneDrop DANG
YYF G-Funk
YYF Yuuksta

Deal Sweeteners:
Ceramic KonKave C Bearing
KonKave C Bearing
SPEC Bearings
White Dice Counterweight
YYF Multi-tool
YYF Holder

Yoyos For Trade:
MIB YYF 888x Premium Silver, amazing and completely underrated. Comes with all accessories in box.
YYF 888x Aqua, few flatspots, one tiny ding, fading on IRG. Great throw. No Hubstack O-Rings.
YYF 44 Purple/Blue Acid Wash, B-Grade for axle strip, not for vibe. Satined outer rims, couple small flatspots. Really smooth.
YYF DV888 Gold/Red Splash, few small pinpricks. Beautiful yoyo. No pads as of now.


888.11 for string :smiley: jk

would you trade the 44 and dv888 for a red skyline, a yomega yoyo pouch, and 50 string