Welcome to my BST.  I have a few items up for trade. 
You can offer anything just in case but I’m really only looking for yoyos produced by the companies in my wants list at the moment. 
I am willing to trade multiples for something I really want.
Shipping only to continental US
Shipped first class with delivery confirmation

My Stuff

[s]DV888 - Mint/Red/Has a KK bearing but can be swapped out if preferred (Estimated value: $45 - $55)[/s]TRADED

[s]Tactic - Mint/Teal-Gray acid wash/My first metal and my first BST transaction (Estimated value: priceless or $40 - $50)[/s]TRADED

[s]Diversion - Fair/Purple with satined rims/Has marks on it and has been well used but still plays well (Estimated value: $30 - $40)[/s] TRADED

Wants (In order of my interest in the company, subject to change based on adjusted preferences)
One Drop