FT: mint in box DV888, YYJ SFX. LF: Yuuksta, Nova, or BOSS


This is my first trade, but i think i will do OK. I can post pix if you want, just PM me.

The DV888 is red and plays excellent. I have barely used it. It is shipped with the original box and has no dings, scuffs, nicks, etc.-Trading to buddhakeith for a Yuuksta.

The SFX has one tiny ding but plays perfect. It is light blue and comes with the original box, a speed bearing, and an extra string.-Trading to mosquito 314 for a Protostar

I would like to trade BOTH of these for ANY color Yuuksta, Nova, or BOSS. I would like to trade both of these yoyos for one good YYF metal. Offer anything, but i would prefer YYF metals. NO YoYoJam!

Thanks for looking and good luck!


If you could help walk me through the trade that would be GREAT and i don’t want to mess up the trade for anyone.


Just what I needed. I have a Yuuksta that I didn’t want. The color is silver. It has no scratches or marks. It will come with it’s orginal box. I will polish the Yuuksta before shipping. And I will provide 5 yellow 100% polyester strings. Message me if you want to trade. I will post pictures below. ;D ;D ;D


I can walk you through the trade 2. :wink: :wink: :wink:


Bump. I will also trade my SFX for a Protostar (preferably neon, but will accept any color).


just an fyi, he ^^^^^ has two feed back, and both are negative


I know, I declined the trade as i knew he was a scammer. Thanks for the heads up though! ;D




I think the yoyos in the pics are different!


I know ;D! I laughed when i first noticed that. He also PM’ed me a pic of the stock yuuksta here at YYE saying that he has all white walls in his house. EPIC FAIL!


He should at least make an effort. I feel bad for anyone who’s been scammed by him, they must not have been paying attention. :wink:


I made a post in trader feedback warning others not to trade with him so everything should be ok!













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