FS/FT Hubstacked Yuuksta, Yoyojam, etc.

 Hey guys, I have three things to sell, trades accepted. By the way someone offered me an NVx for my Yuuksta, whoever did I will trade with.

Wooly MarkMont
Mint Chocolate Chip Gnarwhal
Zach Gormley Edition Sasquatch
Grind Machine 2 Boyd vs. Augie ed.
Gen-Yo Essence

What I’m selling:

1 of 1 Hubstacked Yuuksta
Smooth as butter, tiny pinpricks on it

Dark Magic 2
A lot of small scratches on it, one or two dings, good first metal

My first unresponsive, maybe two scratches, nothing major

Will take $120 for all three yoyos, plus 50 green strings and 5 black strings.

Pics please