Yuuksta for trade

I have a aqua blue acid wash Yuuksta up for TRADE

My other yuuksta

I think it could use some love from somebody else, I just dont see it getting the play it deserves for such a good throw

IT HAS ONE DING! it has a small one, you can barely feel it,

I can only ship to USA (Sorry :-[)

Pics can be texted over

I can throw in a beater dark magic 1 if you offer something really nice

anything CLYW
Anything General-Yo

Anything Hspin
Offer me something cool!

i will trade you a black/lime green yyf gind machine…ive been wanting a metal fo awhile but could never afford it and zach gormley reccomended this yoyo to me

I am sorry, but I am looking for currency at this moment. I am not accepting trades right now.


I’ll send an autographed drawing of me if you buy it within the next three days! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I wasn’t poor, I’d be all over this

See even minusmike wants it! GET IT while its hot!

Or he wanted it because of the free autograph :stuck_out_tongue:

i feel ya Mike! this is the deal of the year!! ive been wanting a yuuksta for soooooooooooooooooooo long. I got a 888x if u want, but i know u want to sell it… >:( >:( >:(

Differant Yuuksta for trade, sold the other one :slight_smile:

i still got my 888x ;D ;D

Offer Something :wink:

Anything, the worst I can say is no thank you :slight_smile:

zen 2 and i throw in a 4a yoyo by yoyo jam

Would 45 bucks and a ooch yoyo two marks you can feel and a couple scuff marks you dont feel.

Can you text me the pics of your yuukstaS?