LF: one o' dem yuuksta's

Hi (: as the title suggests, I would like to buy a yuuksta off someone. Been searching for a couple days but people mainly have purple or white ): so if anyone out there has an aqua yuuksta and would like to sell it for around $45 I’m down (: please include a string because this’ll be my first yoyo ( I know everyone suggests to start off with a speedmaster, kickside, etc. but blah).

no or little vibe would be great
can have some scratches just not huge dents C:
aqua colour
dunno what else, been waiting a week to find a good deal on a yuuksta and im dying to throw one :confused: (or just a yoyo in general lol)

ummmm pm me cuz i only see bumps and the op in every thread (so i guess its custom?)

other colors are cool too C: just please dont scam me that would suck ):

could probably pay by paypal just need to make sure its cool with my dad (im not a little kid though, 15…well everyone here is like 18 but meh)

I understand I have like no reputation here at all but the only proof I can give you is my word :confused: I swear I no scam duh you bby :I no one’s going to sell me a yuuksta because of how immature I sound…

oh yeah, by around i mean like $40 (<3 herp derp as if) - $45 - $50 - to infinity, and beyond no I need to feed my imaginary children and put them in a nice school with pretty clothes (:

thanks in advance and let the games begin offers flow in!

they suck

how come? I read alot of people like them D: