My whole collection! I quit but I am back at it

CLYW Gnarwhal- This is the 28 Stories Edition, and still has the stock silicone. It is mint and has the CLYW bearing in it. I really love this, but it needs a better home. Offer

CLYW Campfire- It is red and still is stock. It has only one scuff and has a very noisy 10 Ball Bearing in it. This a great little yo-yo and I enjoy it alot. Offer but i realy want Phenomizm for this.

YYJ Fiesta- It is blue and it still stock. It has a couple marks, but not the normal amount. This is my best 4a yoyo, but I don’t do 4a very much anyway. Lets say 19 shipped

Duncan Hayabusa- It is green and white plus it is stock. It has a bunch of dirt marks, seeing as the rims are white. It has the stock Duncan bearing and is the SL Version. This was my first offstring yoyo, and I really enjoyed it. It also has clear FHZ caps in it. Lets say 14 shipped

Duncan FHZ- It is blue with yellow caps. It is completely stock. I have barely played this thing, and I think it needs a new home. It has one small scuff and the Duncan bearing. I got this from Heritage Tour also. Lets say 18 shipped

Lastly, we have a YYJ DMI. This thing is so beat up. It is the YYE Special Edition DMI. It had gold rims that are practically silver now (exageration, maybe). It surprisingly stayed the same amount of vibe, which is a common YYJ vibe. This thing has been everywhere with me. 15 Shipped

I am really looking to just buy, but these might be excepted:

SuperNova Lite

That is about all, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

i have a phenomizm for trade will you trade it for your gnarwhal? If you think the offer is unfair i’ll add some other stuff

i like your gnarwal how much would u do on it

umdepends its my fav yoyo its beast its super rare it has awmasing o and ps do u have any thing for trade

Would you trade your Gnarwhal for a clear Phenomizm, red DV888, and around 50 yoyo strings?

Ill trade a green phenomism mint, in package for that campfire

i pm’d you back

would offer money or a mint supernove european editionofr the gnarwhal…please pm me back…

Also I can trade a really beat up but smooth and satined 888x. Srry but that’s all I got. I am very desperate for. A nice good throw.

Before that I want to also give you $80-$95 and a konkave baring and about 25 string including about 3 twisted a1 strings. My name on yye is yowoyo.

couldn’t help myself…but say that out loud and tell me it doesn’t sound funny as all he!! LOL

free bump!