FS/T lots of good stuff! Viszilla some rares LF Money, 7075, Hspin Beyond Envy

Hey guys, posting up my entire collection.  Trades/sale are fine.  Make offers.  what doesnt get sold or traded is likely to go on to e-bay a bit at a time.  Flickr has a running count of all the yoyos ive had, not just the ones i have for sale.  IE some may have been traded.  Youve gotta…GASP…do some homework cross examining the two.
Mostly looking for
HSpin Beyond Envy
Dynamo with as unugly a splash as possble.
CYYC Manimal in the black/blue colorway.
Rebel Yos Macrocosm in black with rainbow.  A-grade only.
YYJ Phenom, especially nickel+gold
Sorta looking for:
Duncan Exit 8
Anti-Yo YWET
I dont care for CLYW (theyre way too inflated right now) looking to CONDENSE my collection, so offer something nice on several of mine rather than several of yours for one of mine :P    Please ask questions if you have them before the trade.
I dont really do “pending.”  First person who paypals me/gives me a tracking number gets to make a deal.  Please dont waste my time, im not looking to waste yours :)  Offering me half of what i think a yoyo is worth is a low-ball, and thusly a waste of time.  I’ll def make good deals, but dont offer me 60 on a mint condition limited yoyo that came out in 2012 for 120.
lots of feedback on the other yoyo forum

Most recent additions to Flickr: 4/17
CLYW Avalanche
YYF 2010 Severe SB edition
SPYY OG Punchline.
Ten Yo Decapod
C3 Trident
CYYC Heavy Hitter

In the mail:
Not yet photographed
Anti-Yo Viszilla
Yoyo Factory G5 - Near mint, silver with color stacks
Yoyo Factory Northstar - White, mint
Yoyo Factory Protostar - Red, decals removed etc.
Rec Rev Managroo - ?
(and most recent additions)

Plastic Sandglass (PSG) - Teal, mint.  Siliconed.


The Busine$$ - Great pocket size throw.  worst of anno scuffs are shown.  no “real” damage.  Great to pocket and practice accuracy with.

Viszilla - The hot mess right now.  has had denim rubbed on to smooth the catchzone, havent had a break (knock on wood)  plays awesome, slightly undersized, great looks.  Mint mint.


Avalanche - Close to mint, two marks in anno, photographed.


Juggernaut - Black.  One of my favorite players.  Let someone use it, they smacked pavement.  Thing this is tough, there’s little more than slight discoloration.  Has KK, has been siliconed.  Plays good, very light vibe.


Hayabusa - It’s a green and blue Hayabusa.  It’s been played.

Echo - Pink.  limited “duncan equals love” edition.  Dropped it from a small height while drunk (not on finger).  Some pinpricks as a result.  otherwise minty and a great player.  Can include packaging (standard Echo)

Gaga’s Workshop Pulses.  Were sold in limited quanitites from Barneys in NY.  Play as normal Pulses, still light up, good as loopers.  lots of fun at night and hoorah pop music.

Freehand.  Its an og freehand.  it’s got fresh friction stickers.

Pro-z - White/red.  Tug-responsive.  Just released.  Really really great to teach people on.

Cylcon FHZ (I think)  Blue silicone recessed, painted inner caps, dyed pink besides.  Really a great player.  I dont play it for 5a, but stuck the ball on for fun.


Hany 2 - Grey/Puprple.  missing grey side spike, has a few marks on purple side.  Fantastic semi-responsive yoyo.  I like it a lot.


The Cut Yellow.  #46,  One pad.  Angular rims were semi flattened in some areas, but only one spot where a ding breaks anno.  My favorite H-Spin of those i’ve played. really cool, really smooth.

ILYY I’ve got 3 bags and a pin or two for the first who buy/trade

Void - Blue and gold.  Small gold mark and blue half, one small pinprick on blue half, doesnt break anno, cant photograph.  Smooth as it ever was, favorite all-around

Liopleurodon - Purple and gunmetal.  Such a great shape, fun to play.  previous owner had it kiss the floor at some point, ano is gone there but no gouging.  Very smooth.

p22 -  Rare!  Dyed half of each half orange.  Looks amazing when spinning.  Modded by 3yo3 to have steel inserts (the aluminum? Brass? i forget) was too weak, so this shouldnt strip…ever?  Plays really awesomely.

Enigma - Blue.  B grade due to anno flaw in cup (pictured).  also heavily played (got it this way from ebay).  still plays really really well!  A great yoyo to carry daily.  A bit of vibe, no wobble.  again, a great player.

e1ns - Black.  The one that started it all!  A few flecks on one side. Rare black color. Gasket maker applied.  Really a fun undersized.  has a KK metric bearing in it.  can have a SMALL vibe on some throws, i think its due to  the poorly applied red gasket.

2wei - Grey. some small dings all collected together on one side.they do break the anno a bit, but cant be felt.  only damage on the yoyo.  Plays fantasticially, shouldve been a full run!  Really a great rare yoyo.

One Drop Yoyos
Y-Factor- Purple.  has small anno rubs/dings.  doesnt affect play. Really a fantastic underrated throw from OD.  Have the box.

Recreation Revolution

Managroos - Teal with yellow splash.  great player.

OG Punchline - Mint
Punchline Repeater - Green, has some marks, my current favorite yoyo.  Have box

Irving  - Non take apart version.  Has groove in axle, needs work to play right.

Turning Point

RT - silverish-gold.  Little pinpricks that break the anno around the rims.  really not so bad, and plays fantastically.  Has a flat bearing (believe stock may be a
KK)  One of the better players i own.  Also drunkely set a firework off in the cup so thers some small marks there.

Yoyo Factory

Starlite - has a small chip out of one rim, weird cracking on inner hub, still a fantastic fantastic player.  Fun as it glows, obviously.  Has center-trac bearing.  Has a pulse, still plays great.

Whip - White.  Has a 10-ball.  Great budget throw that’s been played a lot.  has tasted concrete once while laerning 4a so it has a few scratches, but its tough and made of celcon, so i wouldnt worry.  still smooth.

2010 Severe SB edition - Great GREAT throw.  Some marks in engraving ont he rims

Protostar - Pretty beat up, good player.  inconsistent, sometimes pulsing vibe

Northstar - close to mint, some small marks in catch zone.

G5 - Silver, simon says z-stacks.  close to mint.

Yoyo Jam - Have about 4 total boxes for the first purchases/trades.

Bolt - Orange Doc Pop Bolt.  Satined, siliconed, 2 brass spacers.  Out of production for a while now.

Phenomism Black with gold caps/weight rings.  Rare color combo.  The rings could use a light polish, but its otherwise in mint or close to mint condition.  Arguably the best playing yoyojam available.  Has the Dif KK it came with.

Chaser - Translucent pink.  No Caps, can be ordered from YYJ.  Plays nearly as well as the Phenomizm, but faster and sharper.

Sirius - Blue plastic+aluminum.  Rims could use a polish.  Stock, including dual o-ring response which actually works great.  between this, the NM4, and the Mini Mo-trix, i was sure i’d hate the response, like i did in the Lyn Fury, but this thing plays as well as a lot of modern stuff.  No cracks in hubs.  Great yoyo.

Night Moves 4 - Red plastic plus aluminum and brass.  Needs a polish even more than the Sirius.  Stock down tot he o-rings (completely unresponsive play still.)  Plays fantastically, again as well as modern yoyos.  some cracking in the plastic but this thing plays perfectly.  Better than the already awesome cerberus, IMO.

Mini Mo-trix - Fantastic pocket throw.  Takes a little more effort, but can do anything a full-size can.  One small ding in the rim, nothing noteworthy.  Plays great.  Has stock-orings, is smooth and unresponsive.

Lyn Fury - Light blue and black.  Played awful with o-rings unlike the other guys.  is siliconed, and thats all it took to make it great.  No caps, can be ordered free from YYJ.

Aquarius - 3 of em, al in very much played condition.  Got em from John Narum.  They play well, one has synergy caps (spinning hubs) Probably worth more to me than to you.

In the mail:

What you said about condensing was good I’m looking to sell atmosphere 51$ retail good condition nice rims offer trade or sale check out post as well dark trizz :wink:

Nice void :wink:

Bump - More stuff coming, Viszilla added.

sunday bumpday

Id be interested in the project and the punchline repeater, prices?

How much for two Aquariuses

How much for the project

trade counter attack for psg and whip

How much for the g5?? The Severe??? please respond