B/S/T: Anti-Yo, CLYW, DNA, H5, ILYY, 54, Wet Whistle, Spyy, Darkstar! + More!!

YoyoRecreation- Anything, especially Blink
Turning Point- Anything
C3 Master Galaxy, H5(especially pink), Beadblast Darkstar
CLYW Avalanche, Sasquatch, Peak, Gnarwhal, Chief, Canvas
Ten-Yo Decapod
MonkeyFinger Evil Yo
YYF MVP- Black and gold or Cherry Edition, Supernova, G-Funk, Yuuksta, Severe '09 w/ Caps, C13
Spyy Pro, Supra, Flying V, Stryker, Skyy Chaser, Addiction V2
Anti-yo Busine$$, Eetist, Bape, YWET, BPZL
One Drop Burnside, Project 2, Code 2
Big Brother Wedgie
General Yo BA Hatrick, Essence, Entheos, 5-Star, Magnum (Would really like Gen Yo right now!)
Jazz-Yo Regulus
Chico Heavy Hitter, The Flyer
Ilyy St. Eel, Greyhound, Lio, E1NS, Torino
Weerd Irony



EBAY Link with PICS and descriptions:http://www.ebay.com/sch/beau_777/m.html?item=150717533884&viewitem=&_trksid=p4340.l2562

Anti-Yo Busine$$- All purple with engravings on both sides.  Smooth but not mint, has marks.  Really great throw. $50

YYF Bombsquad DNA-  Near mint, beautiful colorway!  Best looking and playing DNA. $85

ILYY Noctu 2010- Near mint, dark grey.  Amazing throw.  $75

Jazz-Yo Regulus- Blue.  Really good throw! Some dings, but plays great. $65

Chico Del Toro- Mint condition.  One of the best ano’s I’ve seen. Very bright, bold purple.  Not sure I want to get rid of this.  Very fast playing undersize.  High quality.  Grinds like a GenYo. $75

One Drop 54- Black Smoke Monster colorway! Great player! Has a few minor dings on the rims. $75

Ten Yoyo Wet Whistle- Yoyo Joe’s limited edition! Half gold, half blue.  Best looking colorway by far. I bought the last one. Brand new in the box.  I hate that I have to sell this, it is an amazing throw. Just asking what I paid, for sell only. $120

Big Brother Juvenile Offender- Half red, half silver.  A beastly player that is super stable and has a great grinding finish. Near mint, one tiny pinprick. $75

CLYW Rockabully Sasquatch- Near mint, one flatspot on inner rim.  Some “clyw” vibe.  Looks great in person, much better than the pics- $95. Trade for Engraved Sasquatch or YWET.

CLYW Ogopogo BvM- Has a good amount of marks on the rims, but still plays great with only a little vibe.  I really like the BvM, one of my favorites. $65Pending…

YYF Nova- Black w/ orange acid wash.  Looks really nice.  Great little player, very impressed. 1 tiny mark.  $45 or trade for Yuuksta or GFunk.

C3 H5- One of the smoothest, longest spinning yoyo’s!  Very fun to play!  One tiny mark. $100

Spyy Pro- Pink and red wash.  Probably my favorite throw right now.  This throw is amazing.  Stable, wide, long spinning, and fast.  Lots of dings, but still plays great.  Would make a perfect “beater”. $50

Magic Yoyo Desperado N5- Really, really good. No joke.  Super smooth, wide, stable.  Almost as good as my Spyy pro! Mint. $30

God Tricks Destiny- Amazing throw.  On par with my C3’s.  Really. 1 tiny flat spot- $55

C3 Darkstar- Light blue, mint with box.  Very stable, good throw.  Long spinning and smoooth! $75

Bearings for Sale!! Desheilded and cleaned ultrasonically.  Your choice of dry or lightly lubed with VM4.  Like new or new condition!!

One Drop 10-ball bearings- $5 each- 5 available

Hey I have a master galaxy it is gold and green splash would you trade something for it