LookAYoYo's Collection: SPYY, CLYW, YYF, GenYo, OD, Crucial, STYY, RecRev, etc.

I have 15 yoyos and everything can be bought/traded at a price.

Mostly looking for trades

FIRST ROW (left to right): i like this stuff a lot. 
pink Wooly Marmot: original box, came with a flaw in the cup and a second one in the response area.  plays like it did on day 1.

black 54: amazing yoyo in box with brass nubs and aluminum spikes.  one flat spot that doesn’t break ano.

silver (or grey, not too good with colors) Singularity.  MIB.  small great pocket yoyo, but plays heavy.  like this a lot.  THANKS HSYY. came with a bandana that says “String theory yoyos” and some string + a sticker.  string and sticker not for sale.

Black and silver no.9: been with me since DXL and has not showed a ding.  amazing and beautiful design in the cup.

half n’ half: got this in a trade with Chris Rice.  my first and only derlin product and i love it.  no dings.

SECOND ROW (left to right):
black E1NS: mint in bag, beast of a player.  deffinately underrated.  good luck getting this off me.

Galactic Goose: got this in a trade.  has a few dings on the inside rim, a few pinpricks and very small scrapes, but nothing effects play or even goes through ano. 

Starlight: has one black spot on it from hitting it on a pullup bar and then some chains that were holding the bar up and such.  plays well.

blue with yellow splash Punchline: one of my all time favorite throws.  2 marks, one is on the yellow and can’t be felt and harly seen.  the other is a small scratch that doesn’t do anything.  i didn’t notice it until i started writing this.  good luck getting this off of my corpse

grey B+ essence: B+? wow that teacher must be a real stickler because there is nothing wrong.  it has a small + in white lasered on in one cup and the other cup is normal.  another all time favorite.  if it exists in a physical form, i am not interested.

ROW THREE (you get the drill)

violet 888x satined: no hubstacks.  another yoyo i got in a trade from Chris rice.  A bearing and comes with one pad out but still plays great.  some marks are still able to be seen through the satin.

C sized Dash: the first of this mod done by arem250.  plays well with a kk or CT bearing but with a flat bearing, there is a little space between the seat and the bearing.  plays well besides that.  the mod is not pretty but it works.

red skyline: my favorite yyf yoyo.  white hubstacks.  got it in a trade at Socal 2011 with Cameron (and his yoyo).  a few dings, but it plays wonderfully.

light green 5star: bought this from Luke before he quit yoyoing at Socal 2010.  the yoyo i have had for the longest period of time.  it has more dings than any yoyo i have ever seen (besides Samad’s ministar) and i love it.  screwed up axle.  i tried to satin it so it would be smooth and it is now smooth.  plays well but it is my baby.  the yoyo i used in my first yoyo video.  would rather trade everything else than this.

blue Equinox: OS damage.  plays well.  only comes with the small bearing.

YYE yellow string.  will use as a deal sweetener.

Looking for:

Spyy-Addiction, Repeater, Supra
Crucial-Dilishious, Heavy cream
YYF- Supernova, Severe 2010, DNA
CLYW- Campfire
ILYY- Noctu, enigma, Void
Yomarica Spindustries- planet 9
YYR- Messia
STYY- quark

Really want a yoyo i have but don’t have what i want? Have money yet i would rather trade?  arrange with me to buy a yoyo off of a trusted sales page and send it as a gift.

not so interested in trading my genyo stuff or punchline. if anything else strikes your fancy, just send a pm.


Would u want skyline for wooly marmot

one, please PM me for offers rather than reply. two, i have a skyline

I have g5 and a supernova if u want to trade these for the half and half and the wooly marmot supernova has 1 ding and g5 has some scatches and 1 ding

PM me. interested in the Supernova.

Pm me, i like the skyline (but i reeeeeaaaallly wanted a perfectly mint one)…

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