Yoyos for trade: YYF, Werrd, CLYW, Hspin, Spyy, DBYY


Top Row:

YYF Shutter (Green): Has a few scratches and dents, nothing that breaks the annodization.

2009 WYYC Werrd 4XL: Has a couple flatspots and scuffs.

Pink DBYY Gung Fu: Has a few scuffs, only noticeable if you’re looking.

Middle Row:

Spyy Spyder Spider-Man Edition: A few dings, a couple scratches.

CLYW Chief: One scuff, three dings, nothing that affects play. This thing is the best playing yoyo in my collection, it will take a lot to get this off of me (not interested in trading multiple lower-value yoyos for this, 1 for 1 trades only).

HSpin Icon: Some sort of green mark all around one rim, I think I had in my pocket with a Sharpie or something. Got most of it off. Looks nice and plays nice; just not my style.

Spyy Pistolero: Near mint. I’ve gone out of my way to keep this thing in pristine condition: it’s a beautiful yoyo. This is another one that I’d be hesitant to part with, but I can be convinced.

Bottom row:

One Drop Project John Huber Edition: A few dings, one deep scratch that goes through annodization.

Werrd Hour: One ding and a factory imperfection on one of the nipples (no annodization, sort of neat imo, but it looks sort of weird).

Death By Yoyo EKG Slayve-1 Edition: Hands down the longest name in my collection. A few dings around the rims. This is more of a collectors piece than anything else, as far as I know around 100 or so were made? I got it about 7 or 8 years ago so I don’t remember much about it, but it played alright back then; probably not up to snuff now.

What I want:

YYF 888
YYF California
HSpin Good and Evil, any version

Other than that just offer. I have been out of the game for a while. The most recent yoyo I got was the Chief; traded a guy for it a while back when I briefly started yoyoing again.

Thanks for reading. More detailed pictures upon request.