6 yoyos for trade, looking for something new.

I’m not looking to sell any of these, trades only. Not looking for any trades in particular so just offer up whatever you’d like. If you’d like more detailed picture of any of the yoyos just let me know and I can take more.

From left to right they are:

YYF Shutter (two small dings, near mint)
Werrd Hour(no dings, however it does have a factory imperfection. One of the side spikes has no anno)
Hspin Pyro (no dings, just a couple of scuffs along the outer rim)
Spyy Spyder Superhero edition (couple scuffs, a few dings that aren’t very noticeable, nothing that affects play at all)
Hspin Icon (one black scuff)
Death By Yoyo EKG, Slayve-1 Edition (slight dings around the outer rim of the yoyo, one is noticeable if you’re looking at it up close, otherwise the only way to know that others are there is to actually feel the rim of the yoyo)