Gnarwhal similar to Campfire?


I’m looking for a “pocket” throw, but I would like something with close to full performance. (I use the quotes because I treat all my yoyos with obsessive care.) Have any of you tried both a Gnarwhal and a Campfire? Does the Gnarwhal feel significantly larger in hand? Would you consider it small enough to land in the upper part of the “pocket” spectrum?



They are nothing alike. I will say that if you truly want a pocket throw get a Token… Of the two the Campfire is AWESOME and the Gnarwhal is AWESOME… HAHA They are not alike though. I personally do not look at the Gnarwhal as a “pocket” throw though. The Campfire would suit your purposes but you will have to get one off the BST… Not a bad thing at all. The Token you can get new and for 28 bucks… You can’t go wrong!!! If you want a CLYW though find a Campfire on the BST and you will be thrilled. The Campfire is really a great yoyo!!!


Yeah…I kinda had a feeling about that. :slight_smile: I am nervous about picking up something on the BST, but I think I’ll have to give it a try.

And I’m certain the Token is a fantastic yoyo. But I’m trying to get the most out of finite funds…and get permanent members of my collection on the first try. CLYW hasn’t failed me yet.

ps: become available on Saturday. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes… You must! :wink:

I wish I could help you with this, but I haven’t tried either. :-\


Nothing wrong with the BST just do your research and ask a lot of questions. You will know if your dealing with a strait up cat or not pretty quick. My advice… Follow the BST and when a decent Campfire pops up then snag it. I had three and loved them all. It plays bigger than it is and fits in the pocket very well!! Best of luck man!!


Campfire and Gnarwal are nothing alike. Different shapes, sizes, profiles, performance. Both are awesome, but both are just very different.

I’d be buying a new Gnarwal right now if I hadn’t spent my spare cash on other stuff, and am having to absorb $700 unexpected car repair.


You haven’t tried my Gnarwhal??

I can let you try it if I go to this meeting.


I hope to be able to take you up on that, yoyokid8. :slight_smile:

And I know they won’t play anything alike, Studio42. It’s more that I’ve never had a smaller size throw…and didn’t know if the Gnarwhal is small enough to fit in the hand like other little guys. Sounds like it’s not. I’d love to get one anyway…but my funds are also a bit tight. I only have a couple more yoyos I can get away with buying before the holidays…and I’m trying to get things that are significantly different. I’d LOVE an Avalanche even more…but it’s too similar, although an improvement on, a couple throws I already have.

Thanks ya’ll,


Now the Avalanche. Now THAT is another awesome throw!!! I love the Avalanche especially the lighter “comeback” version.

What do you currently have in your collection?


I’ve got an Arctic Circle, Chief, Glacier Express, Code 2, Cascade, Nessie, and a ILYY Leopleurodon. Will be adding a Puffin. That will put a few yoyos in that upper mid size range…but that’s a sweet spot for me. And I’ve yet to regret a CLYW.



Nice Collection man. You have good taste!!! CLYW is great!!!


Definitely snag a Campfire if you can, they are retired now and likely to become harder to find. Wish you luck! :wink:


IMO, the Gnarwhal is a competition throw.