Gnarwal or burnside

I don’t care if it’s cheaper than the other. One of my friends might sell me his

Gnarwal over burnside. Both are great.

Gnarwhals are nice, but certain ones have vibe and certain ones don’t

I only have good things about the Burnside. Plus they have some awesome colors for it.

I have a gnarwal and I really like it. I’m waiting to buy a Burnside, which I also expect to enjoy. Both are awesome but I would imagine play differently. So, price does become a minor issue to you because it’s clear you’re attempting to shop by what will work with you better.

Sorry, but the gnarwal doesn’t even compare! The Burnside is a much better throw imo. Smooth as glass. I have never seen that in a CLYW and yes I have owned them all. I think the Canvas is the first to live up to the hype! BURNSIDE!!

Whoa, my Chief and Avalanche are two of the smoothest yoyos I’ve ever owned. My Sasquatch was really smooth, too, when I had it. I personally think that the whole “CLYW vibe” thing is a myth made up by BST kids to justify selling their CLYW yoyos for higher prices.

CLYW yoyo’s do have an inherent vibe prior to the Chief / Canvas models. Personally, I don’t mind a little vibe…doesn’t really affect the yoyo’s performance imho.

See, I don’t think they vibe any more than any other company’s do, EXCEPT the Peak, that is the only example of “CLYW vibe” I accept.

I had a gnarwhal with a tiny vibe. Drove me crazy.

I’ve tried both but I own a burnside and just played with it for 2 hours straight and I am still wanting more. The gnarwhal is a nice yoyo but burnside all the way. Flow groove and ten ball top it all off. The gnarwhal does have a tiny vibe and it does frustrate me. Either way is a great decision.

The gnar that I have now is the smoothest yoyo I have ever tried…smoother than both my genesis, an 888 that I tried and all three of my code 1 yoyos and my dietz.

If a tiny vibe drives you crazy then you will be very crazy for a long time. As long as it does not hinder the performance or make the yoyo feel heavier then it is fine with me.

I prefer the gnarwhal. The burnside is just too big for me so it is a preference thing. The best thing to do is to try them. You mentioned that your friend was selling the gnarwhal maybe you could try his and if you like it get it. If you cannot try the burnside then you just kinda have to hope it fits you. Also concerning vibe one of my gnarwhals has vibe and the other is my smothest throw. Just as smooth if not smoother than my 54. The one that has vibe is compleatly unnoticed untill you grind so the vibe issue is kinda hit or miss. But even if you get one with alittle vibe it shouldn’t be that bad unless you are a total vibe Nazi.

Nope, only til I traded it.

This is true…but I am just saying that ALOT of yoyos have a tiny vibe (alost unnoticable) so expecting them to be extreamly smooth probably wont happen.

Unless it’s affecting play, a little vibe ain’t gonna hurt anyone unless they are going OCD over it. For the most part for me, any vibe my yoyos display is largely due to my throw being off a little bit(or a lot, in which case I get wobble). I learned a long time ago that it was more enjoyable to just play rather than obsess over some vibe.

And my Gnarwal seems super smooth to me. A Burnside will be on my next purchase.

Let’s see…all of my OneDrops feel fine to me. All of my ILYY feel fine to me. Same with my General Yo’s (with the exception of the B Grade Torrent II, but it’s a B Grade). And come to think of it, all of the other metal yoyo’s that I own. I expected them all to be smooth and they were. Sooo…it appears that you might be wrong.

What does this mean? Would a lot of vibe actually hurt anybody? Seems like the only thing that would actually hurt someone is taking one to the head.

So if you had a yoyo that you didn’t like for some reason, you wouldn’t trade it off for one you liked more? How does that make any sense?

When you’re setting up sound equipment, do you try and make it sound as nice as possible? How come? A little static never hurt anyone unless they are going OCD over it. Maybe it’s more enjoyable to listen to music rather than obsess over some static.

Do you own an MP3 player? Do you listen to MP3’s? If so, you’re already not qualified to say anything about quality sound, as you’re already choosing heavily compromised quality, or rather a “lack of quality”.

Do you do yoyo for money? Didn’t think so. How many A-list performers you done sound for? Me? A couple of thousand. But then again, I bet you like MP3’s too. But that doesn’t apply to this discussion.
(Oh, and yes, a LITTLE static CAN hurt a lot. Know the difference between static and horn loaded speakers). Urination match over. Move on from a topic you know little about.

Let’s try to keep it “apples to apples” OK. Yoyo only. Unless you’re gonna be helping me at CalStates and are going to learn what I do regarding sound, I suggest you take your “Sound system” comparison out of the equation.

Too many people on the forum are obsessed “no vibe” to the point where it is an OCD. Here’s a little reality for everyone to choke on:
ALL YOYOS VIBE. That’s right, every last single one of them without exception. Regardless if you can detect it or not, they CAN, WILL and DO vibe on every single throw. Yes, they vibe. Every time, all the time, constantly, incessantly, endlessly. The only time a yoyo doesn’t vibe is when it’s not spinning and is on a table, in your pocket, in a sling, in a case, in a holder or otherwise not being used and is sitting unused and still. Just because you can’t SEE or FEEL the vibe, it’s still there.

But you’re the one complaining about vibe. Not me. I’m too busy having fun and enjoying myself to really give a crap about vibe. What you do with your yoyos is your business. Vibe is a fact of life. Trade, sell, destroy as you see fit. It’s your money, your time, your choice. I’ve seen at least 30 different postings by you complaining in some manner about vibe. I see plenty of others complain more. “Oh, I got this, it has vibe, it sucks”. It’s old and it’s tired.

When I have a yoyo that’s having a problem with vibe, I don’t blame the yoyo, I blame my throw. Why? Because 99% of the time, it’s something I’m doing wrong mechanically. The other 1% is random stuff that is almost always correctable to become acceptable.

Throw more. Less complaining about vibe. Life is too short. If you don’t like the yoyo, do with it as you see fit. I could care less. Sell it to me for all I care, chances are I’ll buy it off you to stop your whining and I’ll enjoy the yoyo without a complaint. I got a list of yoyos I am interested in buying, so maybe your cry-inducing yoyo is on that list.

But if you want vibe free, then the yoyo is NOT your hobby or sport. Maybe basket weaving would be preferable.

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Both are rather different due to size so it depends on what you want. Full size or undersize. They both have attributes and drawbacks depending on what you’re looking for.

If your learning a lot of new tricks and don’t mind a full size throw I would get a Burnside. It can power through more tricks with more spin time for me than my Gnarwhal and more stable while doing it. No fault to the Gnarwhal here, it’s just smaller/lighter so it has less mass.

I have large hands so it isn’t too much an issue going through chopstick style tricks on the Burnside. Like the Captains 1a video’s I’ve practiced lately of Chop Chop, Cobra, etc. it’s easier for me to hit my hand with the Burnside as the Gnarwhal but not bad enough to make me choose undersize only when practicing such tricks.

Burnside has a small IGR too if that matters to you?

Either way, they’re both great throws.