Collection Wars! Wooly Marmot vs Campfire

Ok, so im deciding between a CLYW campfire and wooly marmot. I would be getting a fools gold marmot if that matters. The reason Im not going to list my preferences is because im not looking for a new best yoyo, just something that will be fun and a good addition to my growing collection. Heres the collection. I dont care about color to much, but I really like the teal campfires, and I dont know the color of the Marmots when they come out.

Main throw: General-Yo Hatrick
Secondary throw, as in used as a replacement for my main throw if I forgot it or dont want to bring it somewhere: Hspin Beysick
Large throw I mess around with (not damage it) and let everyone try: YYF Primo
Pocket yoyo: One Drop Dingo
Throw I use to hit things with: YYF Protostar
Yoyo im trying to sell and dont use any more: YYF Dv888

So thats the list, and really what I want is for this new yoyo to create its own slot in my collection, or replace one of these for one of the main postions. Like maybe a wooly marmot for a secondary throw, or a campfire for a pocket throw.

Really I just want to know which one you guys think ill have more fun with between the two ive listed. Something that will be different and something that I will enjoy, and of course, something that will play great. Also, which one you guys like more, and what its good at and what you think of it. Please no other recommendations, ive already narrowed it down to these two. Thanks a ton!

Well, I think if you got the Wooly if might replace your hatrick or become your secondary throw. If you get the campfire it will be another pocket yoyo, which you already have. If you want a collection I think you should save and buy a very special edition wooly. The come out every once and a while and they cost like 135-150$, but the are really cool looking. That way you can be in its on catagory of Coolest looking yoyo or My most expensive.

Alright, sounds good. I actually just got the Primo as a present so Ill be set for a little while. If your wondering, the Primo is really nice. Good binds, fast and a tiny bit floaty, almost perfectly smooth (has the slightest bit of vibe that you can only notice if you look at it, maybe im going crazy. I consider the Hatrick dead smooth) and it has incredible spin times. IRGS and grinds are pretty good. Overall solid yoyo, it plays nice, fast and smooth for its size. Most big yoyos I find are clunky and not speedy.

marmot ftw!