Missing the CLYW campfire


Looking for a campfire as my first clyw I’m really interested in it. Wanting to find possibly a hulk smash edition if they are out there.


It is a great pocket throw that had an amazing string presence.

I don’t remember there ever being a Hulk Smash variant of the Campfire. Personally speaking I was a big fn of just the solid green or the Higby edition.


What was the higby edition




Not sure why you’d make a Campfire of all things your first CLYW…

(DOGS) #6

Because it’s a relatively inexpensive and fun yoyo? Go figure.

[quote=everyone else]butbut double rims and “competition readiness.”


I used to have a Campfire, and it definitely was my favorite undersized throw out of all that I’ve had (Campfire, G Funk, Katz Meow). It would be cool if I still had it but the yoyo I traded it for is my new favorite.


I never liked the campfire, I think you should pay the extra 30 bucks for an avalanche, unless you really want a pocket throw.


Campfire is an amazing throw, but I will still always believe that the chief is the perfect yoyo to begin your journey into clyw. Then maybe an avalanche, and then something more exotic like a cliff.


I could definitely believe that. The only CLYWS I’ve owned and thrown are a Campfire and Gnarwhal, and I also recommend the Gnarwhal if that’s the kind of throw you’re in to!


In double rainbow guy’s voice Double rims allllll the way maaan


I need a new pocket throw right now all I have that is comfortable is my dingo everything else has to go in a holster.the campfire looks good and the price is descent while I agree there are better clyw I don’t have the cash I tried outsebasion Brock’s prototype Sasquatch two years ago and loved it that while be my Christmas fingers crossed


Yeah I loved my Campfire…Im glad you enjoyed it though!


Look for a Ministar. Those are the GOAT. Very fun, high performance throw.


I’m getting a campfire just for my collection. Not that big of a deal if it’s not a player.

There’s no way I could dislike it as much as I dislike the Gnarwal.


whats wrong with gnarwal that you dont like it???


I have nothing against undersized. It just makes me mad at how I can’t stand to throw my Gnarwal for more than 5 minutes. I keep trying to get used to it, but it just sucks.


Do u wanna get rid of it if so I’m interested


Not quite ready to get rid of it. It’s a nice rare Jack-o-lantern colorway. I got it extremely cheap. I hate to just keep it as eye candy but yeah, it’s for my CLYW collection. No way am I getting another one ever again though. Anyway, I’m excited for my campfire.


I don’t like the Gnarwal ether . And I love under sized . I have at least 1 of every CLYW except the bassolope . My 2 favs are the campfire and the wooly M . my dislikes are the cliff and gnarwal .