SPYY skyy chaser or CLYW campfire

hey guys
i was wanderin what your opinions are on these 2 yoyos,
i was thinkin bout gettin skyy chaser then i came across campfire
i like the both of them and its kinda hard to decide, i wont be
gettin it any time too soon, but i was wanderin which in your opinion
is better, i already have a hectic(juct to let you kno) and i like small
yoyos oh and can anyone tell me anythin on spintimes
thanks ;D

I can’t comment on the Skyy Chaser, but I did receive a Campfire recently. It is quite good for it’s size, although it will never replace my normal sized yoyos. It plays like a champ, just harder to do grinds on. It’s weight is perfect. Spin times are long and smooth, but I don’t have any exact numbers. There’s nothing I can do with a Peak that I can’t do with the Campfire, with the exception of the grinds (because of it’s size).

Aesthetically it’s a beautiful yoyo. It’s the first time my wife ever made a comment on a new throw of mine other than “ANOTHER ONE?”. It’s simple, but the finish suits it well and the engraving is spot on.

Another winner from CLYW in my opinion.

Campfire! Best pocket yoyo! Can’t go wrong with CLYW!

I couldn’t even understand what you typed. :stuck_out_tongue:


he’s recommending the campfire because you can’t go wrong with CLYW and that it’s the best pocket yoyo in his opinion. CLYW is just abbreviation for Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works incase you didn’t know.

Do you want a pocket yo-yo that is very small, or do you want a Skyy Chaser, that is undersized, but not small small? I have not gotten the chance to try a Campfire, but I have tried both Skyy Chasers, and they are amazing yo-yo’s that are up there in my favorites.

SPYY is an amazing company, but so is CLYW.

They will both play amazingly, I suggest getting the one you think looks coolest.

Campfireby far