almost decided

i just seen the new clyw campfire a couple of days ago and i realy like it. i dont know when ill be getting my next yoyo but i think it will be this, unless something new and better comes out:P
anyways… whats your thoughts on this yoyo? what about spin times? what about grinds? thumb grinds? and how do you use the spikes, are they just like hubs???

ninjavanish09 o_O


Edit: Nevermind! He deleted his comment, LOL!

Lol that’s funny.

Don’t worry about “spin times” and it’s metal so it’ll grind just fine. If you think you want it and have the money, go for it.

Yepp Thanks, is the shape a good thing in your opinion, what is that shape called(hshape,butterfly ect.)???
i have a dv888 and i like it a lot but i think campfire is just right,on the other hand. Thers the Skyy Chaser:) looks really good because i also like the xcon type of shape. they both look like great yoyos but if you had to pick, which one would you choose???
ninjavanish09 o_O
oh and btw i know that someone else has a post like this but anyway lol:D

I would go for the Campfire personally, because of the wider gap and smaller price.

I now own both of these yoyos and though I won’t tell you which to buy, here are the cons to each imo.

Skyy Chaser:
• The shape is really weird for me. The slope in the catch zone just isn’t steep enough so it feels like I’m holding a can.
• Not Bead blasted
• More expensive than the Campfire

• Has a bit of vibe that doesn’t really affect play, but you can def feel it (on grinds especially).
• Plays a bit like a small yoyo. While it does play incredibly well, it still feels like a small yoyo. I’m especially noticing this when it comes back to the hand on a bind.
• So far it doesn’t seem to sleep as long as my Skyy Chaser. The Campfire just seems to lose steam quicker than the Skyy Chaser. Not a deal breaker or anything, just something I noticed on longer combos.

Another thing to note that isn’t important to me is that due to its width the Skyy Chaser doesn’t fit in pockets as well as the campfire.

well thanks for the help but im still not sure which one to choose, i think i would hate to have a vibe on my yoyo and with me already having a DV88 im looking for something better than that.
so what do you think in your opinion???, do you think bith the skyy chaser and the CLYW campfore are better/not as good than the DV888? and im still wandering if you can use the spikes as hubstacks or not or if theyre just for weight???
ninjavanish09 o_O

spikes are for weight distribution not to be used as hubstacks. almost any yoyo you will get has or eventually get a vibe. just go with the one you feel more comfortable with or the one you like the better based on whatever. Caribou Lodge and SPYY are both great companies that won’t disappoint you.

having not played a c-fire yet, i can’t really direct you. i’ve got a pair of the skyy chasers though, and i definitely stand by them. and the spikes are totally functional. pull-starts, matador stuff, mid-trick holds… nothing is as easy as it is with hubstacks, but the only thing that’s really tough with spikes are mid-air pinch grabs.

thanks for the info, i think ill go for the campfire because i like it better brcause its smaller

thanks about the spikes btw, they look awesome:D

ninjavanish09 o_O

sorry my post didn’t help you make a decision but imo if you’ve got the cash, get the skyy chaser over the campfire.

but didnt you say that the skyy chaser said that it felt like you were holding a can and it wasnt even bead blasted???

i just think i like campfire better imo
ninjavanish09 o_O

Four words: I Love Skyy Chaser.

either way, they’re both great so no matter which one you get it’ll play. personally i’d go with the campfire too.

omg lol i dont know what one tp get even though i like campfire a bit better, because the guy with the DV888 reccomended skyy chaser and i have a DV888 and am looking for something better.

so what i want to know is…
are both of these yoyos better than the DV888???
if so… why are they better???


i LOVE my skyy chacer and i think it has such a comfortable feel imo. if you have the money then i say go for it. and i havn’t tried one but the c-fire just looks too thin to me, i also like wide yoyos so that is possibly why.

yes i like them too, but what type of bearings are in both?
like you know how a yyf has a SPEC? what do cfire and skyychaser have??
i like them both and its just too hard, please dont tell me what you like, tell me what you would get

they have common stock bearings that aren’t really special. I don’t think CLYW or SPYY have a custume bearing yet.

Yeah, they don’t dress their bearings in costumes. That’s just silly.

Both CLYW and SPYY use C sized bearings, except the D sized Chaser, which uses a D bearing.

No yoyo is “better”…I can do the same combo on my Project 2, M1, Wooly Marmot, and BOSS. And the guy has a DV888 and likes the skyy chaser, so what? You don’t have the exact same preferences as him unless you’re his indentical twin and even then you might not. Since you like the campfire better why don’t you get it?