clyw campfire vs YYF Yuuksta


I’m going to buy a new yoyo and i’ve narrowed down my choices to the YYf Yuuksta and the CLYW campfire. The campfire is 10$ more than the yuuksta, but does it play 10$ better? Which yoyo is your prefereance for speed, comfort, durability, smoothness, stability, and over all amazingness. It the campfire worth 10$ more than the yuuksta? Thanks for the help guys


the camp fire is meant to be a pocket yoyo like the popstar but it is a little bigger slightly smaller than a yuuksta, i would recommend a yuuksta because its bigger, stable, fast player. if you want a smaller pocket yoyo then go for the campfire


No yoyo is better than another escpeically 10$ apart. But I’d go for Yuuksta. It’s stable, smooth, very playable and …amazing…