Clyw Campfire

Do you think that the CLYW Campfire is worth all 75 bucks? Just wondering about your opinion.

I just ordered mine day before yesterday, should be here tomorrow. I’ll post again then and let ya know what I think. But if you wanna read a good review on it go to they have a great unbiased review on it. And more on just about any other throw you can think of.

Thanks! I have already looked at, but I was just wondering what the community thought.

YES!!! lol its amazing, stable,smooth and looks really nice. Its also very comfortable warning if you use it too long all other yoyos will feel huge lol.

I really like the campfire as a pocket throw but not as a main player

After playing with mine all day today, I decided… I love it! It’s smooth stable and super fun. You have to like undersized throws to enjoy it tho. I prefer full size to be honest but this has won me over. It’s a lot of fun. I recommend it. It’s definetely worth 75 bucks.

Hard to go wrong with any CLYW!