ILYY St. Eel or CLYW Campfire?


I’ve been thinking about purchasing a new pocket or micro throw, and after reading a ton of reviews I have narrowed it down to these. Since the new restock of campfires brings the price up, they are both in the same price range so please don’t try to bring price into a decision making factor. If you could point me to a good review for either or recommend another (no YYF or YYJ or any big companies please) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you all!


I personally prefer the St. Eel. It’s smaller and the fact that its made of steel make it a bit more unique than the Campfire. Resell value is much better as well.

That said, both yoyos play fantastically and the campfire comes in different colors other than silver…

You won’t go wrong with either.


St. Eel. There are not many stainless steel yoyos out there. Plus its just fun to say.
Besides, you can find a cheaper campfire in a BST section. They still play awesome even when beat.

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