VERY hard choice

I recently have come across 2 BST threads that I have become interested in. One is offering a Ministar with a bunch of little marks for $60 and one that is offering a mint CLYW Campfire for $50. I have done research on both and have heard that thy at both great pocket yoyos. Which one is a better deal?

IMO, the Campfire seems like a much better deal. And it’s MINT! And who doesn’t want to own a CLYW pocket sized yoyo?

Go with campfire I hear they r amazing

As is the (insert yoyo name here).

The choice is yours. If you think you want the Campfire more, go for it. If you think you would rather have the Ministart, go for it.

In terms of rarity I guess the Ministar sticks out a bit, but you get the Campfire cheaper and in a better condition.

Up to you really.