Campfire vs Ministar?

Hey what do you think of the two?
I’ve tried a ministar but not a campfire…
I want a campfire I think.
Any suggestions?
thank yooou

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Ive never tried a ministar, but I think the Camfire is awesome.

<-----As you can see.

You do realize that he’s asking for your opinion on how it plays?

Yeah I understand, I just now checked the thread.

The ministar plays really heavy, which I want.

But the campfire is cooler, what does it play like?

They are the same diameter. I don’t care about the shape, just which on plays faster?

IMO I though the campfire was pretty fast, I dunno about the mini star though

Shisaki, I see that you’ve played a Boss
How does that play in comparison to the campfire?

I play my BOSS to DEATH lol. The main differences is

-Different shape
-Campfire has spikes
-Campfire’s smaller

First of all, the Campfire has moer angular shape, not as wide as a BOSS. Also the BOSS has a more raised rims. On play the campfire is obviously smaller and the campfire is just barely lighter (about 2 grams). They play at about the same speed. But on thumb grinds the campfire has spikes which depending on person to person, can get in the way, while the BOSS has nothing in the thumb grind area. If you want something wider or undersized, get a BOSS. If you want something more pocket sized and angular, get a Campfire

The CampFire is an amazing yoyo. It feels quite small in the hand, but EXTREMELY comfortable. The beadblast finish only adds to this. It plays at least as well, if not better, than any yoyo I’ve ever played. It is smooth, precise, quick (if you want it to be), and grinds forever. It is extremely unresponsive and can more than handle anything you throw at it. If you even THINK you might like this yoyo, get it. Now. You’ll thank me later.

Well I had a Boss.
I DO want a pocket yoyo
the campfire sounds pretty sweet
plays same speed as BOSS???

Mhmm, can’t really tell the difference. I say you should get it

Haha if I can find the color I want

What color you looking for?

I’m looking for bright green

like the campfire in this picture

When in doubt, always pick the General-Yo lol.

Can’t get any because they’re all discontinued right now, until the Mini-Star gets released. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried my friends pre pro
I didn’t like it, so much different from the amzing hatrick

Try the B/S/T or if your willing to pay for the shipping try this site:

This is the dark green one