is the gnarwal a full sized throw???


No, it isn’t. It’s diameter is 52mm by 41mm wide. It’s the lower end of the midsized category. It’s still a great throw.

(Edmeister) #3

Grabbed my gnarwhal
Comparisons :
Genesis to Gnarwhal - Genesis is bigger , Gnarwhal is about the same “Ring size”.
Gnarwhal to R2 = Same Size / Width / Length pretty much
Gnarwhal to Superstar + Almost the same size superstar is a bit bigger.

Gnarwhal is an Undersized throw , Its bigger then the campfire but its midway towards a fullsized.


this is why yye offers a spec sheet for all the yoyos they sell


What’s with the puffin…


It’s a contest, that you won’t win with a Zach Gormely edition.

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If you are looking for full-sized, the Avalanche is close in shape to the Gnarwal, but is a full sized.


Actually if you’re looking for a full-sized version of the Gnarwhal, then the Sasquatch is what you’re looking for.


Exactly, the Sas is a full sized Gnar, since the gnarwhal was made first.

(laxdude99) #10

Gnarwhal is rather small and fast not over sized