Avalanche or gnarwhal

Planning on getting my first Clyw with this sale. I’ve been thinking about gnarwhal or the avalanche. I’ve been looking hard at both and they’re both getting me that feeling. You know the one about something new and cool


If u want a fullsized get the Ava if u want undersized get the gnarwal u can’t go wrong with either


Well homie, If you have been using full sized for quite a bit and havent ever played an undersized jojo, than the gnarwhal is the choice.

And vice versa for the Ava. I would personally get an Ava cause I already have a Gnarwhal, but like mr. a whole bunch of numbers said you cant go wrong with either. Just go with your gut.

Unless you have a preference, you can’t go wrong with either one.

The Ava is larger and heavier, so it may be a better fit if you’re into full sized.

The Gnarwal is more organically shaped, comfortable and is at the bottom of the midsized category in regards to size.

I have 2 of each. One old, one new.

Gnarwhal love mine