Any one have one? What do you think about it is it nice?

It’s very nice. Great throw in my opinion. You should get one.

Dead smooth, but ive heard the newest runs have more vibe. It is one of two CLYW that are undersized, alongside the campfire (if im not mistaken). Its rim weighted and has a simple, easy to like low-walled rounded v shape. Its one of my favorites.

It’s slightly less stable than larger throws in the CLYW lineup, due to simple laws of physics. But it’s still rather stable for the intermediate-and-up player (or you could be a beginner and just learn on a less forgiving yoyo!). It’s a very nimble and confidence-inspiring throw. I rather like it.

I have two.

Gnarwals, gnarwals, living in my yoyo case.
They don’t take up too much space.
They are midsized and aren’t out of place.

Gnarwals, gnarwals, living in my yoyo case.
They play real smooth and really great
There’s nothing there for you to hate.

Like any CLYW Throw
They take you anywhere you go
You can throw them anyplace
Just don’t hit anyone in the face.

They are gnarwals.
Just don’t hit yourself in the b@lls

They are gnarwals.
Good enough for any thrower.

Seriously. One of my favorite CLYW throws. I usually prefer full sized stuff, but these are a midsized I keep coming to time and time again. Not too big, not too small, super comfy shape. I’ve found it to be smooth and stable and a perfect weight for its size.

I have an older one with some scrapes that break the ano, and a new Clareview Station one with the CBC Centertrac. Still smooth either way. Not sure which one I like better. I found it to be more stable than the BvM, which was my 2nd CLYW. However, again, the BvM was a BST item and did had some dings, but overall, it’s also a smooth and solid player. Great grinder too.

This was my first CLYW, purchased when I had been throwing around 3-4 months. I can’t exactly say I do or don’t agree with it not being suitable for relatively new players because everyone is different. However, this one fit my hand immediately. Your hand shape may vary, as well your comfort level.

If you’re looking for a midsized CLYW, this is what you want since it’s what’s available.


You forgot the BvM, Marmot, and Bassalope.

Those are awesome too. I think the Marmot goes as undersized. The BvM and both Bassalopes are midsized as well. I actually prefer the A-bearing bassalope over the C bearing bassalope, which is odd since I typically do prefer the C-sized bearings.

If anyone is confused by Studio’s poetry, simply sing it in place of the lyrics of this song:

Arent those Midsized at 52-53 (I belive those are the numbers). But anyways, the gnarwhal is awesome, get it!

It is sooooo nice. Spins even longer than my Majesty, and it usually has some uber awesome colorways.

Its a great yoyo.

I love the YoYo! And the name! Gnarwhal…